Monday, June 24, 2013

Chaw Ei Thein's up coming collaboration with Alliance for New Music-Theatre

This collaborative performance explores the culturally rich artistry and complexity of the long troubled and still struggling Myanmar.Is this email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser.
Alliance for New Music-Theatre

What is it like to live in a society where you are muzzled, 

where everything you say is overheard and reported on?

Told from the perspective of artists, musicians and other performers 
who are trying to pursue their art, "Sandaya: Burmese Lessons" is 
a musical theater performance that covers twenty years of Burmese 
history, including when the military junta clamped down on Burmese 
demonstrators killing 10,000 people in 1988 and ending with the Saffron 
revolution of 2007. This is the story of a young American pianist who 
learns about Burmese society by playing Burmese music.

This performance is produced by Alliance for New Music-Theatre, 
and it features contemporary performance art and Burmese dance, 
drumming and puppetry with American as well as Burmese performers, 
who are coming from Yangon.  The work is co-created by Kit Young, composer, 
Susan Galbraith, director - scriptwriter, and Chaw Ei Thein, performance artist.
Sandaya:Burmese Lessons Image
Sandaya: Burmese Lessons
kicks off Radical Transformations
the performance series by Alliance for New Music-Theatre 

July 11-14,18-21, 2013 

Thursday - Sunday evenings 8pm
Sunday matinees at
- special ‘pay what you can’ preview - 8pm

Burmese food on July 11 and at Sunday Matinees 
at Atlas Performing Arts Center

Click here for TICKETS -For more information, click here
Sandaya : Burmese Lessons traces the journey of 
a young American pianist as she learns Burmese 
language and unique piano style (sandaya). 
Her story captures her relationships with 
a Burmese performance artist and 
U Ko Ko, her piano teacher, as all three become
 caught up in the struggle between artistic 
expression and tyranny. 

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