Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Chaw Ei Thein's up coming show in April

Fardom Gallery


Bedtime Stories, Monotone Dreams

Curated by Helen Homan Wu

Exhibition Dates: APRIL 9 to MAY 2, 2010

Reception: Friday, APRIL 9, 7 – 9 PM

Press Preview: Friday, APRIL 9, 6 – 7PM



Long Island City, NY – The Space (Fardom Gallery) is pleased to present a female group show exploring the human consciousness that exists in-between our sleep and wake states of mind. Bedtime Stories, Monotone Dreams curated by Helen Homan Wu, opens on April 9th and runs through May 2nd, 2010. Bedtime Stories will present works in various media by six contemporary female artists, both national and international, ranging from Kelly Sturhahn’s mirrors and reflections to Aliona Yurtsevich’s intricate sound compositions.

We all have at one time or another, been paralyzed during our sleep. Modern science calls it Sleep Paralysis and eliminates any possibility of it being linked to a different realm. In truth, the reality of each experience is relative and unique to the sleeper. This in-between state of consciousness is a phenomenal experience that calls for attention. For an artist, it is an inspirational moment of truth that for an average folk often it gets ignored.

Katja Loher, born in Basel, Switzerland, now based in Brooklyn, NY, will draw the viewer into her medley of universes from videos projections in sculptural objects. Carissa Pelleteri’s nostalgic stills taken from super 8 footage, feel almost as if you have been pulled into someone’s lost memory. Working with the media of traditional lines, Sol Kjøk explores the human form in every possible angle, embedded with it are deep questions about existentialism. Kelly Sturhahn tells her story in a set/stage-like manner with deliciously dark installations that has romantic notions at first glance, but on close inspection reflects another dimension. Chaw Ei Thien’s site-specific pieceThe Bedis not to be missed. Her choice of materials directly reflects the moment in flux, something so beautiful that can decay into ugliness within a blink of an eye. Inspired by technology, data bits, and nature, Aliona Yurtsevich will present an abstract composition that evokes sounds of the soul, dreams, lost memories, desires, fear, hope, movement, and emotional stillness.

Fardom Gallery, part of The Space collective, is conceived by Long Island City artist and current Space executive director Kristy Schopper. She is dedicated to maintaining and expanding the artistic community in the Long Island City, Queens area. The Space takes advantage of previously underutilized property in Long Island City, New York, to provide work space for artists, and a venue for community involvement in the arts, and works with developers and planners to ensure that there are affordable places for artists to live and work in Long Island City as our neighborhood develops and grows


25-17 41st Avenue

Long Island City, NY 11101



Press Contact:

Helen Homan Wu