Friday, February 19, 2010

Mind Your Own Business!!!!

Title: Mind Your Own Business!!!!
Medium: Installation
Materials: Clay, Tooth Brushes, Teeth
Year: 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Transformed Conversation

Chaw ei Thein & Brad Darcy

February 19-March 18 2010

Opening Reception: February 19, 6-9pm

636 Dean Street, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Soapbox Gallery is pleased to present the two person exhibition "Transformed Conversation" with New York based artist Brad Darcy and Burma based artist Chaw Ei Thein. In "Transformed Conversation", Mr. Darcy and Ms Chaw Ei Thein explore the artist's self conscious role in the engagement of social and political issues, and the responsibility to communicate perspectives on an aesthetic level.

Mr. Darcy has been concentrating on human evolution as the central theme of his work, and for "Transformed Conversation" his exploration consists of abstracted cyclical interpretations. Through sketches, animations, and paintings, his physically charged lines and manipulated imagery touch on various themes including mass media, connectivity, as well as natural phenomena.

Ms Chaw Ei Thein : In her latest work, "Bed", Chaw Ei Thein transforms her bittersweet memories and emotions of her exiled hometown into a meditative installation.

"Transformed Conversation" is curated by Taiwan and NY based curator NuNu Hung

Soapbox Gallery is found by sculptor James Greenfield and dedicated to providing a forum for visual artists to engage in the issues of our time and express themselves publicly without censorship. In the tradition of the humble yet mighty soapbox that encouraged free speech and played a role in the development of our social contract, provocative work can stir public debate, raise consciousness, and even spur social evolution. Too many of us despair at the lack of content in work celebrated by the ART world. Soapbox Gallery challenges artists to speak out and be relevant.

For further information please contact NuNu Hung at or 646.520.8388

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chaw Ei Thein's Performance in Grace Exhibition Space

Chaw Ei Thein's Performance in Grace Exhibition Space
2010 begins with performance art from ChAw Ei [Burma] and 3 artists from Boston
[Boston, Mass + Burma]

"2010 at Grace Exhibition Space Begins"

Friday, February 12
8:30 - 11:30 pm
Free with donations accepted

Free beer & wine
+ live sound art by Jeremy Slater
2010 begins with performance art from Chow Ei [Burma] and 3 artists from Boston
Chew Ei Thein [Myanmar/Burma]
Faith Johnson [Boston,Mass]

Bryce Kauffman [Boston,Mass]

Dirk Adams [Boston,Mass]
also co-founder of MEME Galllery, Boston

Chaw Ei Thein [Burma] In connection with a residency from the Asian Cultural Council


Chaw Ei is a performance artist, painter and sculptor.
She has been making performance art for years, and I first saw her at the NiPAF - Japan International Performance Art Festival - in 2006.
Her work deals with her life experiences, especially her feelings towards her home country.

In �Transformed Conversation�, a two person exhibition, New York based artist�Brad Darcy and�Burma based artist Chaw Ei Thein explored the artist�s self conscious role in the engagement of social and political issues, and the responsibility to communicate�perspectives on an aesthetic level.

Chaw Ei Thein: