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Chaw Ei Thein's up coming exhibition in Soho, New York


May 27th through June 13th, 2010

Thursday May 27th
General Public: 6-10PM

Curated by Tanya Arakawa Rosenstein, Jillian Leigh Federman, and Kevin Bourgeois

Adam Wallacavage, Alex Rickard, Alliah Sophia Mourad, Andreas Laszlo Konrath, Bob Geile, Brandee Brown, Brian Ermanski, Buddy Nestor, Curtis Kulig,Chaw Ei Thein (ACC grantee, 2009-10), David Komurek, DAZE, Edda Hansen, Edouard Nardon, Elisa Jimenez, Gordon Stevenson, Harry McNally, Heidi Hartwig, Jacob Cohen, Jake Lavin, Jeffrey Robbins, Jeremiah Mandel, John Kolbek, Jordan Seiler, Justin Solitrin, Kevin Bourgeois, Maripol, Mint and Serf, Niki Sabet, Pasha Radetzki, Pork and Spam, Red Bucket Films, Robert Waltzer, Sebastian Black, Shawn Regruto, Suzette Lee, Tristan Eaton, Van Neistat, William Robbins, and Yuri Shimojo

located in SoHo
435 Broome St.

NY,NY 10013

Wednesday to Sunday from 12PM-6PM

Hanaleigh Productions is pleased to present “Public Consumption”, a group exhibition curatedbyTanyaArakawaRosenstein, Jillian Leigh Federman, and Kevin Bourgeois. This exhibition will be examining and exploring the rise of voyeurism in popular culture, the violation of the individual and by extension, the artist, and the potential cause and effect of its prevalence on our generation. Opening May 27th, 40 New York City based artists will explore the notion of voyeurism in our society using various mediums ranging from video to photography, painting and sculpture.

We have become a world of voyeurs, a voyeur generation. We
like to watch others intimate moments revealed, and compare those moments to our own.
Although spectatorship is far from new phenomena, today a confluence of factors - legal, social, political, and technological – has pushed voyeurism to the forefront of our image-based society. What will the lasting effects of societies increasing need to reveal and compare be?

Much of our social reality today is generated through mass-media and public content, such as television shows, video games, inter-web communication and motion pictures, rather than by direct first hand experience with people, places and practices.

Today’s fascination with peering and gazing into places, from which we typically are forbidden, has created a society of self-voyeurs. We engage in activities where we volunteer ourselves to becoming the subject and object of spectatorship.

The Puffin Room invites you to see our take on the cause and effect of the voyeuristic nature of our generation that will undoubtedly have a lasting effect on generations to come.

Stare at us staring right back at you.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Chaw Ei Thein's Performance in NARS, 15 May

performance by chaw ei thein, 2010

The 3rd Annual NARS Foundation Open Studio Event
May 15, Sat and May 16, Sun 2010 | Time : 11am - 6pm
Sixty Artists Open Their Studios in Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Event Press Release

Opening Party and Event : May 15, 6pm - 9pm, Sat

Performance : Burman artist Chaw Ei Thein and
Taiwanese artists Chi Wu.
Minxie (electro pop music performance)
Non Return to Zero
(Owen Healy percussion and Sal Piccicelli on the guitar)

DJ : Michael Paul Britto
Ahomii & J.Chou Rhythmos
Edwin Peralta

Exhibition Space : “Round the Mulberry Bush” curated by Alyssa Fridgen.

The exhibition includes painting, sculpture, installation,
and video artworks
by Michael Paul Britto, Scott Geyer, Cosme Herrera,

Zerek Kempf, Kyung Han Kim, Roberta Lawson,

Conor McGrady, Hyo Nam, Sean Noyce, Steev Scott,

Jessica Scott-Dutcher, Didier William, Joseph Zuccarini.
Press Release

NARS Fund Raising Exhibition (benefit show) : curated by Nunu Hung
“Stack Up” will be a fundraising exhibition for NARS Foundation

featuring affordable art by NARS and visiting artists,

curated by NuNu Hung. Application Form

Workshop : Ellen Coleman Izzo Room #404 (Printmaking workshop)

Crossing Promotion : APT Curatorial Exhibition : Studio Project Rooms
at 34 34th Street, Floor 4, Sunset Park, NY 11232

Partners :

Adrian Roman
Aleksandar Popovic
Anatoly Mikhailov
Anne Rosenthal
Antony Dodds
Aristidis Danylo Pelonis
Ashley S. Brown
Brian Lynch
Chinatsu Seya
Clarity Haynes
Conor McGrady
Cosme Herrera
Deborah Katie Hall
Doug Angleton

Elizabeth J. Bisbing
Ellen Coleman Izzo
Emil Bakalli
Gennadi Barbush
Griselda M. Healy
Hyo Nam
Jaqueline Cedar
Jean Boggs
Jessica Scott-Dutcher
Jinsoo Kim
Jin Kyung Chong
Jiwoo Hahn
John McGee
Joseph Zuccarini

Karin Drew
Katya Usvitsky
Kevin Noble
Kyung Han Kim
Madeleine Stern
Maia Cruz Palileo
Mark Kevin Gonzales
Masaki Takizawa
Mason Saltarrelli
Matt Held
Michael Ensminger
Michael Paul Britto
Nicholas Hamilton
Nyeema Morgan

Osamu kobayashi
Peter Emerick
Richard Castellana
Roberta Lawson
Rose Nestler
Roxanne Bohana
Scott Geyer
Sean Noyce
Sky Kim
Steev Scott
Susan Conte
TaiWoong Kang
Thabiso Phokompe
Zerek Kempf

Direction :

Train : D,N,R,M stop @ 36ST.
Drive : Take BQE south exit 23 for 39ST. right turn @ first light. Right turn at 35ST.

Contact :
tel. 718-768-2765, 718-715-3044

The 2010 NARS Open Studio Event is made possible by NARS Foundation

Sponsored By

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