Monday, April 18, 2011

WEs = 2073

Title: WEs = 2073

Year: 2011

Location: Grace Exhibition Art Space, New York

Performance notes from Chaw Ei Thein:
Many of my friends are in prison, far away and inaccessible. There are over 2000 political prisoners in Burma. Some have been sentenced to 56 years of imprisonment, some 65, some 102. All are committed to their fight for freedom and justice in Burma, and for our people. I am lucky because I am not in prison like them. But I always think of them: how they spend their time in the prison, and how they have sacrificed. I cannot help them to be free. So I am doing this performance as a tribute to them and what they have done for us. In this performance, I explore the “poun-zan”: a form of torture common in Burmese prisons, in which prisoners must hold a physically excruciating and psychologically humiliating position for a long period of time.
My performance is their real performance in those prisons. I hope you can feel it.