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ChawEiThein's up coming show in November, 2010, Bangkok

Stories Out of Burma

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Art Exhibition: Stories Out of Burma
Artist: Htein Lin (London) and Chaw Ei Thein (New York), Burmese
Curator: Shireen Naziree
Dates: 13 November – 4 December, 2010
Venue: Thavibu Gallery
Open: Monday – Saturday: 11:00 – 19:00

Both Chaw Ei Thein and Htein Lin are recognised as Burma’s most profiled international artists. Chaw Ei Thein resides and has her artistic practice in New York and Htein Lin works and lives in London. STORIES OUT OF BURMA are their individual artistic dialogues that relates to their lives as artists in the Diaspora. Despite distances and time, Htein Lin and Chaw Ei Thein share a common ground both personally as artists and friends that relate prolifically to their shared personal histories in Burma.

In STORIES OUT OF BURMA, Chaw Ei Thein relates her personal physical and emotional struggles as a Burmese woman and as an artist living in New York. But her most poignant expressions relate to her comparative studies between her homeland and New York. Her series of paintings relate to her transient status and her ongoing efforts to bring her artistic voice to the forefront. In her accompanying video work, Chaw lends an eloquent uncertainty to the possibilities and politics of images and their circulation through space and time as she acknowledges the conflicts between her two worlds.

Htein Lin’s series of paintings for STORIES OUT OF BURMA offer intimate views of issues that are vital to his personal world as threads of Burma continue to remain an integral part of his world. Despite having digested a very cosmopolitan outlook and developed a broad image both as a painter and as a conceptual artist, Buddhism remains a key patent both to his personal self and his art. The realization of this is defined both in his paintings and in his performance piece specifically choreographed and produced for STORIES OUT OF BURMA whereby he aims to involve the viewer an opportunity to share his Burmese heritage.

Thavibu Gallery
The Silom Galleria Building, 3rd Fl.
Suite 308, 919/1 Silom Rd.
Bangkok 10500, Thailand
Tel. (66 2) 266 5454
Fax. (66 2) 266 5455

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