Wednesday, October 15, 2008

7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art

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Maung Maung Kyaw Win said...

Thanks a lot for having a great opportunity to learn about Intl Festival of Performance Art. But it does not really make me thrill and excitement since I have learnt you and your colleagues' performance art done in Burma. That time we were worried about you as the military authorities had detained you for a short period.
By the way, I am U Maung Maung Kyaw Win and now taking refuge in the United States. I met you at Myanma Dana magazine house in December 2005 if I may recall. My e-mail address is Please drop me a few lines if you are free. Also say Hello to your dad.
My pseudonym is "Min Myo Naing". I co-translated Outrage: Burma's Struggle for Democracy (into Burmese)in 1990 in Bangkok.
You can also visit my blog. The address is